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The comprehensive transportation management system designed by and for logistics companies.

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Faster Dispatching

Once shipments are entered, an optimised plan is created for review. A simple drag and drop interface lets you make any necessary adjustments if needed.

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Faster Document Collection

Dispatches are sent directly to drivers phones. Any documents uploaded through the app are linked to the shipment for review.

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Fewer Calls

Stay on top of customer communication with live links for shipments. Optimised plans are worked out in an instant taking the stress out of providing timelines.

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Painless Driver Planning

Automated Trip Planning

Train the system like it's one of the team. Teach it driver shift times, skill sets, certificates and what an optimal plan looks like. From there the system can match customer shipments to optimized planning.

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Drag and Drop Adjustments

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Dispatch through Driver App, SMS, Email

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In and Out times automatically captured

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Documents collected in driver app

Our Solution

Built with The Power Of AI

Dispatch Driven offers a powerful logistics management solution that revolutionizes the way your business handles operations.

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Streamlined Planning Solutions

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Specialized Dashboard

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Order Management

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Route Optimization

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Driver Scheduling


Efficient Deliveries, Simplified

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Automatic Driver Assignment

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Live Updates and Tracking

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Instant Document Sharing

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GPS Integrations


Seamless Invoicing Made Simple

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Consolidated Invoicing

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Manage Assessorial

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Direct Invoice Sharing

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Payroll & Accounting Integrations

How It Works

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Connect your fleet

Connect your fleet tracking software to track billable movements

Connect your shipments

Review customer shipments created through the portal or your website

Assign to drivers

Generate an optimised plan. Dispatch through a driver app, SMS or email

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What integrations does Dispatch Driven offer?

Dispatch Driven integrates with various GPS, HR and Accounting systems, as well as support for sharing documents and invoices with your team.

How does Dispatch Driven save me money?

Our platform tracks trip costs and shipment revenue giving greater insights into profit margins before trips have even started.

Is Dispatch Driven suited for small businesses?

Absolutely! Dispatch Driven is designed for businesses of all sizes, making it a perfect choice for growing companies.

Do you offer customer support?

Yes! Our team is dedicated to assisting you at every step, ensuring a seamless experience with Dispatch Driven.

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